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Who We Are

About us

The STOPS to Violence Network is a dynamic cross-sectoral network that works collaboratively and through consensus to take collective action to prevent and reduce interpersonal and gender-based violence and abuse in Saskatchewan. 


We are network partners made up of community organizations, government partners, service providers and individuals from across the province. Through partnerships, we  provide support, information, and share resources to communities across the province to foster healthy, resilient individuals and families and peaceful communities.


We believe in the value of a network approach to social change and so, intentionally invest in network development and governance as well as systems leadership to strengthen impact of collaborative action.


STOPS to Violence began in 1992 when a group of individuals came together to form the Provincial Partnership Committee on Family Violence.  This pilot was initiated to find a way for government and community to work together in a new and different way to address issues of violence in the family through partnership processes. 


This partnership recognized that violence and abuse are the result of learned behaviour and a hierarchical society that perpetuates the abuse of power to gain control. As a founding principle, the partnership became rooted in a consensus approach that embraced values of relationship building, respect, diversity, empowerment, flexibility and cooperation. 


Partners were anyone with knowledge, interest, time, and energy to contribute to addressing the issue of violence.  In 1998, the Provincial Partnership Committee on Family Violence became Saskatchewan Towards Offering Partnership Solutions (STOPS) to Violence. 

Our Vision

A healthy, vibrant Saskatchewan where all people are valued equally and live free from violence and abuse.


Our Mission

A province wide partnership that promotes healthy relationships and strong, safe, violence free communities.

Our Values

  • We honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

  • We believe that every individual has the right to safety and security.

  • We believe in the power of relationships to create change.

  • We embrace the strength of shared leadership and collaborative partnerships.

  • We acknowledge the unique experiences and contributions of each person and actively nurture an environment where people are welcomed, heard, respected and valued.

  • We celebrate the diversity of our province and work together to achieve representation reflective of the people of Saskatchewan.

  • We believe in being open, honest and transparent in all of our actions.

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