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The Embracing Life Initiative App provides resources and information on suicide prevention, including contact information for counseling to people in Saskatchewan.


The app delivers two types of support by offering various tools and resources:

  • How to help others you are worried about;

  • How to help yourself by creating a safety plan to map out positive events and relationships in your life and to journal your journey.

Visit their website and download the app!

Embracing Life is an alliance of several organizations with the common goal of improving community wellness.​​

The STOPS to Violence Network is dedicated to bringing people together to affect long-term systems change that will reduce interpersonal and gender-based violence and abuse in Saskatchewan. 


We are a province-wide network drawing on our collective wisdom to promote and take coordinated action toward healthy relationships and strong, peaceful communities free of violence and abuse, and where all people are safe and valued. We are network partners made up of community organizations, government partners, service providers and individuals from across the province.

Our approach is two-fold

We believe that impactful systems change requires collective vision with a coordinated network approach.

At STOPS to Violence, we intentionally invest in network development, governance, and systems leadership. Our goal is to foster a strong, active, connected network that is resilient, informed, collaboratively engaged, and adaptive in dealing with the complexities of addressing violence.


Read more.

At STOPS to Violence, we gather as a network to determine our shared agenda and determine movement and actions that we collectively and individually progress toward positive social change and equity.

“Collective impact is a network of community members, organizations, and institutions that advance equity by learning together, aligning, and integrating their actions to achieve population and systems-level change.”

Join Us

At STOPS to Violence, we are rooted in a consensus approach and strive for equity with those with lived experience where we value relationship building, respect, diversity, empowerment, and flexibility in a dynamic cross-sectoral network.

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