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Social Media Toolkit

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in SVPW2022. You are invited to host an event and/or participate through social media. This toolkit is intended to offer ideas and support with a worksheet for each of the daily calls to action.

SVPW2022 Messaging Toolkit.jpg

Using the Social Media Toolkit

Step 1 - review the call to actions for each day of the week.

Step 2 - use the daily worksheet in this toolkit as a guide to create your own messaging/content for each day.

Step 3 - use the material created by STOPS for reposting and sharing. See graphics on page 3 of this toolkit that can be downloaded and used in your own social media posting. Or see below.

Download Social Media Graphics

for Daily Call to Action

On a quick glance....


Download the Posters

SVPW Poster - Add event details.jpg
SVPW Poster - Daily Calls to Action.jpg

Change your Facebook/Twitter Cover Photo

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