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Our Network Partners


We are  a dynamic partnership
that is deeply committed to
our work.

STOPS to Violence is a network of people from community, government, public and private sectors across Saskatchewan who share the common desire to reduce gender-based violence violence and interpersonal violence and abuse by building active, creative, and engaged communities where all people are safe and valued.

Our network of partners includes natural supports, shelters, transition houses, policing organizations, sport culture and recreation, business and private sector, government, community, health and social services, justice, people with lived experience, animal safe keeping and welfare, and counselling support.

As a cross-sectoral network, we strive to strengthen our connections to each other and community. 

Want to join us?

Our Funding Partners

The STOPS to Violence network is a not-for-profit organization based in a consent governance approach. We gratefully acknowledge funding support and guidance from the Government of Saskatchewan Ministries of Justice, Health, and Government Relations; the Government of Canada’s Department for Women & Gender Equity; and the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative funded by Government of Canada.

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