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Statement of Response (updated)

Nov 2, 2022

Impact of Intimate Partner Violence - Honoring JoAnn Wilson's Memory
Response to convicted killer Colin Thatcher’s invitation and attendance at Saskatchewan's 2022 Throne Speech

It's striking that the focus of attention - of a convicted criminal's invitation to last week's throne speech in Saskatchewan Legislature - continues to be on the criminal and not on the crime.


Let's take a moment to remember JoAnn Kay Geiger Wilson.

JoAnn, who died tragically at the age of 43 was a mother, sister, daughter, friend and colleague. The repercussive impact of intimate partner violence, not only took her life but her life away from everyone. Read more about JoAnn here.


Killed in January 1983, JoAnn's death is a stark reminder that the root cause of intimate partner violence still remains in Saskatchewan after 40 years. There continuous to be a bias towards normalizing a culture of violence in this province. Stopping violence before it starts - is something that we (as individuals, as a community, and as a society) have a the responsibility to take action.



Oct 27, 2022

The high level of response and concern with Mr. Thatcher’s presence in the Legislature for the throne speech this week certainly highlights the scope and seriousness of the issue of interpersonal violence in our province. 


Mr. Thatcher’s appearance can very quickly become a polarized conversation on whether an invitation to the throne speech ought to or ought not to have be extended.


It is also Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week - an annual awareness week to focus  public attention on the prevention of violence by engaging government, community partners and individuals to promote safe communities and healthy relationships.


Let’s not lose the key issue. There is a conditioned bias toward normalizing a culture of violence in this province.  As we continue to face the increasing realities of interpersonal violence and abuse, there is a growing need for each person to take responsibility and action. This is inherent is this year’s theme for Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week: ‘It Starts with You’.


The theme ‘It Starts With You’ asks all of us to be a part of making change happen in our homes, families, and communities.  We can all affect positive change in our everyday roles whether that be a neighbour, a co-worker, friend, volunteer, teacher or coach. It starts with each of us to learn, educate ourselves about what to say and do and act to support those who experience or use violence.


Early prevention – stopping violence before it starts - is something that we as individuals, as a community, and as a society have a role in. This is where the notion of ‘it starts with you’ is really vital. This calls on each and every one of us to understand how we contribute to the conditions that perpetuate violence in Saskatchewan.  It asks us to make choices about how we support those around us.  It Starts With You - It Starts With Me – It Starts With All of Us to build a healthy, vibrant Saskatchewan.



About Saskatchewan Towards Offering Partnership Solutions (STOPS) to Violence:

The STOPS to Violence Network is a dynamic cross-sectoral network that works collaboratively and through consensus to take collective action to prevent and reduce interpersonal and gender-based violence and abuse in Saskatchewan. 


We are network partners made up of community organizations, government partners, service providers and individuals from across the province. Through partnerships, we  provide support, information, and share resources to communities across the province to foster healthy, resilient individuals and families and peaceful communities.


Learn more at



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