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With the wrap up of Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week (SVPW), it is important to underscore that preventing violence isn't just one week's work. Its ongoing work that requires collective action.

Thank you to everyone who supported and participated! 

We need your feedback on SVPW 2022, please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey specifically for SVPW hosts and participants here.



The purpose of Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week (SVPW) is to focus on public awareness and prevention of violence by engaging government, community partners, and individuals to promote safe communities and healthy relationships. Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week will be held from October 24-October 28, 2022.

The theme for this year is 'It Starts With You'. We invite individuals, communities, and organizations to join in Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week 2022!


About the Theme

As we continue to face the realities of interpersonal violence and abuse across Saskatchewan there is a growing need for each person to take responsibility to address violence.

The theme ‘It Starts With You’ asks all of us to be a part of making change happen in our homes, families, and communities.  It starts with each of us to learn, educate ourselves and act to support those who experience or use violence. It Starts With You - It Starts With Me – It Starts With All of Us to build a healthy, vibrant Saskatchewan where all people are valued equally and live free from violence and abuse.

Daily Calls to Action


The theme IT STARTS WITH YOU encompasses mini themes or daily calls to action (described below). These calls to action move through an arch of education by statistics and lived experience, then through gentle and active intervention, then looks to broad changes, such as policy.

Day 1- It Starts with You to Learn

The call to action for Mon. Oct. 24 is to learn about the prevalence and impact of interpersonal violence and abuse – specifically through the provision of data, statistical, narrative, and evidence-based information.


Day 2- It Starts with You to Know the Signs

The call to action for Tues. Oct. 25 is to know about the realities and challenges of interpersonal violence and abuse – specifically through training, educational resources, and listening to people with lived experiences.

Day 3 - It Starts with You to Speak Up

The call to action for Wed. Oct. 26 is to speak up when you witness violence.

Day 4 - It Starts with You to Act

The call to action for Thurs. Oct. 27 is to act when you witness violence.


Day 5 - It Starts with You to be the Change

The call to action for Fri. Oct. 28 is to take the initiative to actively contribute to safe, healthy, vibrant communities.



Want to read more about violence prevention, recognizing the signs, active intervention and how you can be an active part of being and making a change? Click here to access resources on the Daily Calls to Action. 

Echo on Social  Media

Want to play a part in generating momentum leading up to SVPW2022?

  • Promote the upcoming SVPW on your social media with this text: “Saskatchewan Violence Prevention Week starts on Monday, October 24. Join us! #ItStartsWithYou to build safer communities. #SVPW2022"

  • Share posts from STOPS to Violence Facebook & Twitter.

  • Change your Facebook/Twitter Cover photo to announce the week.

  • Use the Social Media Toolkit to help draft social media content, find it here.

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