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Working Together

Leadership and Systems Change

The STOPS to Violence Network is dedicated to bringing people together to affect systems change that will reduce interpersonal violence and abuse in Saskatchewan.  Systems change requires systems leadership and movement building rather than reliance on a traditional management leadership approach. 


Fostering this type of network requires care, stewardship, and investment. At STOPS to Violence, we are working to build capacity to be skilled and effective in systems leadership approaches across our entire network.


What is systems leadership? 

Systems Leadership is about how you lead across boundaries – departmental, organisational or sector.  It’s how you lead when you’re not in charge, and you need to influence others rather than pull a management lever.  It describes the way you need to work when you face large, complex, difficult and seemingly intractable problems; where you need to juggle multiple uncertainties; where no one person or organisation can find or organise the solution on their own; where everyone is grappling with how to make resources meet demand which is outstripping them; and where the way forward therefore lies in involving as many people’s energies, ideas, talents and expertise as possible.


Debbie Sorkin, National Director

The Leadership Centre



With an aim to both grow and strengthen the STOPS to Violence Network, we actively invest in learning, development and capacity building to establish a community of practice that includes building competencies in systems leadership and collaborative practices such as: Consent Based Decision Making, the Circle Way, Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership, the Art of Hosing & Servant Leadership and Choice Theory/Lead Management.

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