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Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird

Plan an
Event or Activity
for SVPW 2022

Organize events and activities


Host a Webinar

Have an idea for a webinar or learning focused on building healthy relationships, Violence Prevention, or building safe communities? This year, SVPW2022 #StartsWithYou to make change happen by building community.

Community Walk

Organize a community awareness walk related to violence prevention, speak out and build safe and healthy communities.

Host a round table or panel discussion

Do you collaborate with others that would be interested in having a public conversation? This is a great opportunity to network, and work on addressing violence together. Panels can be hosted on platforms like Zoom and Facebook.

Conversation Circle

Gather your co-workers, community, family or friends for a conversation about connection. You can use a focus question like ‘How can we reach out to each other to strengthen our relationships?’ or ‘Who in our community needs support that we can reach out to?’

Community Art Project

Engage an Artist and start a collaborative art project in your community to express commitment to ending violence while building meaningful relationships.


Put up a kiosk

Anyone interested in sharing information from their organization about healthy relationships, violence prevention, resources and/or information about preventing violence is welcome to do so in a COVID-safe way.


Join events from Network Partners across Sask!

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