New Paint, New Perspective

Stephanie Bourassa
Community Education Coordinator

I have to admit we have been a little scatter brained around the office the past couple of weeks. As we prepare for the hustle and bustle that fall often brings we’ve also each taken some time for ourselves, have decided to do some light renovations to our office, and prepare to welcome two students to our team for the upcoming months. I’m looking forward to the many changes that the coming weeks bring for us as we step into our new space, but you should see the chaos we managed to create in here in the meantime! For weeks we agonized over paint colours, desks, how to update the kitchen, where to store things, and ultimately how to create what STOPS feels like to us. Once we settled on what we wanted, then came the doing. Stuff was everywhere, every dirty spot and scuff on the bare carpets and walls were obvious and walking through the front door meant stepping into chaos, and over chairs. It’s a good kind of chaos though; as the remaining changes and cleaning come to a close I can feel the space transforming into something new, fresh, and more like us. It’s the first step in our transition from the liminal space we have been in and into our transformed organization.

I think it’s fitting that we took this first step after finishing our discussions on Heather Plett's work in Holding Space. Tracy, Elisabeth and I discussed the different ways we could bring the idea of holding space into our collective impact work, and a lot of our discussions led to things that we need to do for our own organization in order to show up in the best way for others as we move forward. It’s important to take care of yourself too.

We’re undergoing big changes as we step into new work, more space, and added staff. I look forward to sharing the other transitions that we make with you.For more information about Holding Space from Heather Plett please visit her website here.

Amy painting - logos.png