Rural/Northern People

There are many diverse rural and northern communities in Saskatchewan. Living in a rural or northern community can present certain challenges when planning to leave an abusive relationship or when seeking help. Challenges or concerns might include:

  • Isolation. Physical and social isolation are two of the most common reasons why you may be feeling like you can’t get out of the abusive relationship. This isolation makes it easier for the abuser to keep you in the cycle of violence.
  • Transportation. If your community does not have public transportation it may be difficult for you to get around or you may be dependent on your abuser..
  • Proximity to help. Rural and northern communities often have limited resources. The distance one may have to travel in order to access service can be great. It may take time for emergency service personnel to locate and respond to your call for help.
  • Word travels fast. You may be afraid to talk to anyone about the abuse for fear that rumours will spread.
  • Care of property and livestock. You may be concerned about what might happen to your property or livestock if you leave.

WHO to Contact

LaRonge Native Women’s Council
North East Outreach and Support Services (Melfort)
Prince Albert Safe Shelter for Women
Waskoosis Safe Shelter (Meadow Lake)
South West Crisis Services (Swift Current)
Evision Counselling and Support Centre (Estevan/Weyburn)
Battlefords & Area Sexual Assault Centre (North Battleford)
RCMP Victim Services