STOPS to Violence is offering Kids Matter to communities across Saskatchewan. Through Kids Matter, we aim to teach children that it is never okay for someone to hurt them, that they never deserve to be hurt, and that there are ways to get help.  Supporting children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to build healthy, positive relationships and seek help when needed, reduces their risk for victimization. 

Kids Matter will include a combination of puppetry, body movement, interactive discussion and skill-building activities to help provide important safety information in an entertaining and child-centered way.  Although puppet shows can be fun, we acknowledge the sensitive and sometimes difficult nature of talking about violence and safety.  Pre-presentation and follow-up packages are available to help prepare you for the presentation. 

Presentations are geared toward children ages 5-12 and will be approximately one hour in length. Ideally, the group size should be no more than 35 children.  We prefer to coordinate multiple presentations in a community or region if possible to help increase our time and reach.  The Kids Matter presentation fee is $250 plus applicable travel costs. Sponsorships are available to cover some or all of the cost for the presentations.

Just as we teach fire safety, educating children about personal safety and abuse in an appropriate way helps prepare them for potentially dangerous situations, should they happen. Although it can be uncomfortable to talk about abuse and violence, prevention and early intervention are the best ways to empower children to be healthy, strong and safe.

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If you have any questions about Kids Matter, contact the STOPS to Violence Community Education Coordinator at 306-565-3199 or

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