Immigrants & Refugees

Abuse is not acceptable in Canada. You may feel embarrassed to tell anyone about the abuse because you believe that it is shameful to talk about your marriage with other people. You might feel that you do not trust anyone enough to talk about what is happening or maybe you feel that you do not know enough English to communicate so someone will understand or believe you. The abuser may scare you by threatening that if you go to the police or you ask for help about the abuse you will be kicked out of Canada. The abuser might also scare you by telling you that you will lose the children if you leave the abuse. This is not true.

Here are some things that might be keeping you in an unsafe situation:

  • Isolation. You are alone with no one to talk to. You must stay in the home and you are not allowed to be educated or employed.
  • Language. You know very little or no English.
  • Money. Your abuser controls the money and you cannot
    access it.
  • Immigration. You fear that you will lose your immigration status or be sent back to your home country.
  • Children. Your abuser threatens to take your children away from you. You are afraid that if you leave you will be separated from your children.
  • Family. You worry about dividing your family or causing them shame or harm by leaving.
  • Culture. The abuser might use your cultural practices and beliefs to justify the use of violence or abuse.
  • Western concepts. You worry about working with police, counsellors, and other professionals out of fear that they might not understand your culture or that they will only support the abuser and not help you.

WHO to Contact

Regina Immigrant Women Centre
Regina Open Door Society
Saskatoon Open Door Society
Moose Jaw Multicultural Center
The Global Gathering Place (Saskatoon)
International Women of Saskatoon
Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (Saskatoon)
Saskatchewan Immigration